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The Happiest Countries In The World Have Been Revealed

The Happiest Countries In The World Have Been Revealed

For five years now, United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network has been tasked with measuring what seems like the unmeasurable: how happy an entire country is.

Researching the happiness and wellbeing levels of over 155 countries, the UN’s World Happiness Report for 2017 gives us a glimpse at what countries have the highest level of general contentment. The data was retrieved by getting 1000 people in each of the 155 countries to rank their life satisfaction on a scale of one to 10. The researchers also collated the country’s wealth, life expectancy, overall generosity, individual ability to make life decisions, level of trust in the government and social support to determine their ranking. The report also looked at the correlation between happiness and development and how this effects a country’s overall wellbeing.

So. Which countries are the best to visit if you’re looking for a helpful vibe and a pint to share? Much like years before it, the 2017 report has a healthy representation of Scandinavian countries, as well as those with a cooler climate proving that warmer weather isn’t always the key to happiness. Australia even got another mention.

Check out how we stacked up:

#10 Sweden


The Scandinavian country famous for brilliant architecture, lovely natural landscapes and lots of moose. We’re not surprised Swedish citizens feel happy with all the pretty homes they get to live in and glorious walks they get to take part in.

#9 Australia


Inching into the top 10, our large island country places at number 9. With our world famous beaches and enviable weather, we think we’re doing pretty good down here too.

#8 New Zealand


Just beating us out, like always, New Zealand grabs the 8th spot. An awesome place full of basically everything you’d want in a country, great beaches, mountains, restaurants, people and weather. We’ll give them this one.

#7 Canada


Ah, the Nice North. What with all the friendliness and the beautiful, jaw dropping scenery, we’re not surprised Canada gets the spot at number 7. Also, what isn’t there to be happy about when there’s a Tim Horton’s at every corner?

#6 The Netherlands


Another country famed for its niceness (tells you something, doesn’t it?), citizens of The Netherlands probably stay happy due to their social progressiveness, delicious donuts and cheerful windmills.

#5 Finland


We always hear about how we could be a little more like Finland, and if their happiness levels are anything to go by (number 5!), that’s probably true. Also, have you seen a picture of the President’s very happy dog? You must.

#4 Switzerland


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Switzerland has long held the title of neutrality and fairness. Key ingredients in a journey to sustained happiness, probably.

#3 Iceland


Weird, wonderful and out of this world, Iceland has some of the most surreal landscape on earth. A whole country small enough to boast friendly neighbourhood vibes makes for some pretty content citizens.

#2 Denmark


The smallest of the Scandinavian countries, what Denmark loses in size, it makes up for in culture.

#1 Norway


Norway was listed as number 4 in 2016, but after what must have been a very good year for Norwegian citizens, they’ve climbed up to number 1. Yay for Norway! With some of the most amazing fjords, mountains and lakes you can find and cities that blend harmoniously with this nature, we’re not surprised that they’re getting happier and happier.

So there you have it. If you want a guaranteed happy time, go to Scandinavia. You’ll probably be alright there.

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