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Denmark Will Soon Be Home To A Spiral Walkway In The Sky

Denmark Will Soon Be Home To A Spiral Walkway In The Sky

It’s the world’s happiest country, and you can probably trace that back to Denmark’s insistence on being innovative on multiple fronts. Like, for instance, why would you want to walk in a straight line to get to the treetops when you can spiral yourself towards the heavens?

Copenhagen architecture firm EFFEKT got the go-ahead to build a 45 metre tall spiral observation tower in a preserved forest an hour south of the Danish capital. Located in Gisselfeld Klosters Skove, this new structure will be part of the existing sports facility Camp Adventure.

Alongside the park’s aerial zip lines and tree top climbing paths, this spiralling tower will link to a connected walkway leading visitors on a 600 metre journey around the greenery.


As it will be built in a preserved forest, EFFEKT have noted they’re dedicated to “disturbing the existing surroundings as little as possible.” The firm aim to create a new and unique way to experience the expansive forest above the tree tops with a panoramic perspective.

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No completion date has been set. But if the Danish people are anything to go by, this is set to be one swish looking tourist attraction.

(Lead image: EFFEKT)

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