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It Takes 5 Minutes To Walk Around The World In Denmark

It Takes 5 Minutes To Walk Around The World In Denmark

I always thought you could never walk the entire length of the world in a lifetime. It seems like an inconceivable feat, right? Well, a quick Google search has told me that you can do it in 11 years. Or, if you go to Denmark, in just a few minutes. How ’bout that.

Yep, there’s a small roadside attraction in Denmark called ‘Verdenskortet‘ (meaning World Map), that’s a physical replica of the Earth. You can visit all continents, countries and cities of the world in a just a few quick steps. Pretty neat, huh?

world map 2

The map came about after the landowner, Søren Poulsen, realised that part of his property resembled one of Denmark’s large peninsulas. Naturally, he made it his life work to add on the rest of Scandinavia, Europe, the American continents, Africa, Antartica, Australia and surrounding islands until… voila! An actual, walkable world. He completed the job in 1966, just before his death.

world map 3

Now, visitors from far and wide can visit every country in the world in under five minutes. The countries are signified by national flags and borders are created with cobblestones. You can even hire a little boat to cross the Pacific Oceans.

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Thanks to Søren Poulsen for this very cute attraction. More adorable attractions, we say!

h/t Inside Hook Travel

(All images: Verdenskortet/Facebook)

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