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Check Out Africa’s First Underwater Hotel Room

Check Out Africa’s First Underwater Hotel Room

This is probably as about far as you can get from the real world before venturing into Narnia.

The Manta Resort is located off the shore of Pemba, a remote island that nestles in the archipelago of Zanzibar, a part of Tanzania. And it has one underwater room, which is just like a private floating oasis built for two. The buoyant three-storey structure is 250m from shore and accessible by boat. It’s secured by anchors on all four corners to keep a third of it sturdily submerged.


Each level has its own unique thing going on. The top deck is a rooftop terrace with a sunbed, ideal for soaking up rays, stargazing or dining.

No complaints from the neighbours, at least.

The middle deck rests at water level and contains a lounge room and bathroom.

The star of the structure is in the foundation. The bottom level is totally submerged by water, providing 360 degree views of the marine life and reefs below.



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Luxury comes at a price – the room is $1500 per night – but that includes all of your multiple-course meals, cocktails, wines and beers and a daily spa treatment.

(All photos by Jesper Anhede)

Qantas flies to South Africa, a gateway to the rest of the continent.


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