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Did You Know About This Other Luxury Train Journey In Africa?

Did You Know About This Other Luxury Train Journey In Africa?

We’ve been exploding with FOMO since we saw photos of Japan and South America‘s crazy luxurious sleeper trains. But did you know that yet another sleeper train exists, and it runs through the wild plains and deserts of Africa.

Hear us out. The Frontier International Train Service’s Pride of Africa trip accepts passengers on board in Cape Town and takes them all the way to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city. And the itinerary on the way is almost unfathomable in its awesomeness.

rovos rail4

You’ll be stopping off at amazing places like Victoria Falls, Madikwe Game Reserve and the Great Rift Valley, among many other natural wonders and reserves.

rovos rail 2

Africa is such an amazingly large and impressive continent, filled with some of the most interesting wildlife on Earth. Seeing it all from a luxurious train cabin is a pretty special deal. And I know, I know, we said that about the others. But c’mon, you can’t argue that spotting an elephant or giraffe from your window isn’t top of your list!

rovos rail 3

The royal suite has its own lounge area and ensuite, as well as huge gaping windows that you can look out from the bed. You won’t miss a thing.

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The other crazy thing is that this train isn’t only super fancy, but super traditional too. You have to get properly dressed up to eat in the dining room. Smart attire for women, jackets for men.

rovos rail 5

We know that we’re teasing you a lot with these luxury trains, but it can’t hurt to see how the other half live right? Here’s hoping we’ll get to enjoy these digs one day. It may set you back the price of a brand new car (per person!) but travel is always worth it, right?

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(All images: Rovos Rail / Facebook)

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