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Here’s The Namibian Safari Camp You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Here’s The Namibian Safari Camp You’ve Been Dreaming Of

The tagline for the Wolwedans Lodge in Namibia is “simply out of this world,” and that’s a very fitting description. Say hello to the African desert vacation of your dreams.

Wolwedans isn’t a hotel; rather it’s a collection of sustainable camps set up in the heart of the NamibRand Nature Reserve in Southwestern Namibia. Each camp sits at the base of the dunes in the Namib desert, set against a backdrop of diverse and breathtaking scenery. It’s the perfect base from which to embark on a safari, or to simply sit back and enjoy the grandeur of the landscape.


There are heaps of accommodation options available at Wolwedans, each as exciting as the last. There’s the Mountain View Suite, the Wolwedans Dune Camp, the Boulders Safari Camp, the secluded Private Camp and the Dunes Lodge which comes with its own outdoor pool.



Our pick is the Dunes Lodge, a camp perched on top of a dune plateau that overlooks outstanding vistas in all directions. Combining wooden structures and canvas blinds, the lodge provides comfort, protection and limitless stargazing opportunities.

And we weren’t kidding about the whole “out of this world” thing either – just check out the view from the bathroom. It’s like a portal into another world.


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Seriously, what are these views?


Prices for a night at Wolwedans start at an all-inclusive N$6930 (or $680AUD). We know where we’ll be dreaming about tonight…

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