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This Restaurant Delivers Your Food By Roller Coaster

This Restaurant Delivers Your Food By Roller Coaster

Last night I ate a cheese toastie for dinner. Mealtime is never quite the adventure we expect, is it?

Then in glides Rollercoaster Restaurant, the global chain that invented an entirely new angle to food delivery.

It works like this: There’s no wait staff. You order your food and beverages via a tablet. Once ready, your sustenance is dispatched from heights of up to nine metres, then it glides down a roller coaster track travelling at speeds of up to 20 kms/hr, looping, twisting and spiralling its way to your table for you to enjoy. The food is contained in airtight jars or the lidded pot it’s cooked in to prevent spillage. Indeed it’s not the destination, but the journey that counts.

A champignon risotto, shaken AND stirred.

The idea for the chain was invented by a German Thinktank called HeineMack GmbH who are apparently wizards of gravity – they also invented a cup that can’t tip over. There are seven of these restaurants worldwide already. The first was opened in Nuremberg, Germany in 2007 and the latest instalment in the luxurious Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi cut their red tape last week.

The tornado spiral also doubles in function as a blender.

It’s the chain’s largest version with over 30 tracks plus the world’s first “tornado spiral”. There are currently plans locked in to have the restaurant operational in 17 countries. The nearest to Australia will be the Philippines.

Also, no wait staff means no awkward tipping situations, which is always a bonus.

(Lead image: Yas Mall)

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