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A Whale-Shaped Underwater Observatory Is Coming To WA, Which Sure Beats The Aquarium

A Whale-Shaped Underwater Observatory Is Coming To WA, Which Sure Beats The Aquarium

In great news for anyone who wants to see the underwater world without every having to snorkel, Western Australia is getting a giant underwater observatory, and it’ll be shaped like a humpback whale.

I love going to an aquarium, but there is absolutely no way you’ll ever get me back snorkelling in the ocean. That goes triple for scuba diving. Call me a coward, but sharing the same space as sea creatures terrifies me. Glass bottom boats though? Don’t mind if I do.

Well this project is kind of like a giant (stationary) glass bottom boat.

Named the ‘Australian Underwater Discovery Centre’, this giant underwater building is looking to become Australia‘s largest natural marine observatory — that means you can go and gander at what life under the sea is really like without ever getting wet.


It’ll be built two kilometres out to sea, at the end of Busselton Jetty — about two hours outside of Perth — and underwater views won’t be the only thing to enjoy there. You’ll be able to dine there as well, which is probably the very definition of dinner with a view.

The public was encouraged to vote for their favourite design, and apparently we just can’t resist a little bit of whale action. The winning design by Baca Architects depicts a whale raising its head out of the water, and was apparently inspired in shape and design by Castle Rock in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

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I don’t know, have a look and see if you can spot the resemblance? I’m skeptical, but I still think it’s a cool design.

“This is as authentic as it gets, because people are in the tank and the fish are looking in,” said Bustleton Jetty Chairman Barry House in a statement on the Baca website.

“By adding underwater dining, underwater sculptures, marine art and other features, this project will enhance Bustleton Jetty’s 155-year-old experience”.

Construction is expected to kick off this year, with a plan to open the centre by December 2022. So maybe start planning your Perth trip?

(Lead Image: Instagram / @bacaarchitects)

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