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The Internet Is Obsessed With This Twitter Account That Roasts Bad Zoom Backgrounds

The Internet Is Obsessed With This Twitter Account That Roasts Bad Zoom Backgrounds

A screenshot of a Zoom background from the Bookcase Credibility Twitter account.

Not all Zoom backgrounds are created equal. Yours might be a stunning photo of Australia, a scene from The Office, or the infamous potato. But the Bookcase Credibility account on Twitter poses the question: is your background absolute trash if it doesn’t show off your massive bookcase?

Launching in mid-April, Bookcase Credibility collects the best, worst, and most questionable backgrounds that have featured on live TV.

The account pulls no punches. It mercilessly roasts not only the Zoom backgrounds but also the people who thought that sitting in front of a large bookcase would make them look smart.

Bookcase Credibility dares to question what’s really going on in these people’s homes.

Take, for example, journalist Peter Hitchen’s background. The lighting is fine, the bookcase looks well-used and loved and what is underneath that blanket?

“A shame as Peter Hitchens shows good instincts with a bookcase that looks well-used, suggesting lively engagement with established thought, but his 4am after a bad night at the tables vibe and the object, hidden from view, overwhelm,” the caption reads.

“What can it be? Mystery and despair win out.”

The beauty of the account is that it doesn’t matter what these people are on TV to say. They could be announcing a cure for COVID-19 or outlining more self-isolation restrictions. The only thing that matters while you’re browsing Bookcase Credibility is what’s in the background, and how cursed it is.

Here are some of the best and worst Zoom backgrounds featured on Bookcase Credibility:

We’ll assume you’ve already gone ahead and rearranged your room for some truly impressive Zoom backgrounds. Now that you’re all set, here are some fun ideas for things to do over Zoom, from the best drinking games to easy arts and crafts.

(Lead image: Bookcase Credibility / Twitter)

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