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Add A Little Spice To Your Iso Activities With This Free Online Life Drawing Class

Add A Little Spice To Your Iso Activities With This Free Online Life Drawing Class

Every Thursday night, as you go about your evening cooking a new recipe for dinner or quietly piecing together your latest puzzle, people around the country are attending an online life drawing class being live-streamed out of Sydney‘s famous Oxford Street.

I’m just saying, they’re winning at Thursdays.

In October last year, Ben Mulcahy turned an empty store front into a budding life drawing class, calling upon his friends for help: a sexy male model (Ben’s words) and a local teacher.


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Sneak peak of tonight’s online class @laria9269 ✍✨

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As the popularity quickly grew, so did the number of classes and students. They even ran seven classes featuring a drag queen hostess and students covered in glitter during the 2020 Mardi Gras.

Now that getting together in real life isn’t allowed, Ben has moved his popular classes online. They are free to join, although $20 donations are encouraged. Those donations will be split four ways between the model, the teacher, the videographer and the art school. Be clear though, that you are welcome to pay more or less depending on your circumstances.

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You can sign up via their Facebook page here. Then all you need to do is gather up some paper and your own drawing materials before logging in every Thursday at 7pm.

Oh and BYO drinks and food to nibble on, of course. Personally, I’d be ordering in a few cocktails from my favourite local bars, but you do you.

Can we all just admit this beats any other activity we had planned this week? More details over at their website.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @darlinghurst_life_drawing)

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