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NSW Dine & Discover Vouchers Have Been Extended Because A Bunch Of Us Haven’t Even Used Them

NSW Dine & Discover Vouchers Have Been Extended Because A Bunch Of Us Haven’t Even Used Them

In good news for everyone in New South Wales who haven’t used their Drink & Discover vouchers yet — like me, and apparently over half of the rest of you — they’ve just been extended for use.

We’ll now have an extra month, until the end of July 2021, to use those sweet, sweet vouchers on restaurants and other fun activities. Why? Because less than half of them have been used so far.

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet confirmed the one-month extension in a statement this morning (Wednesday, June 9).

“This is helping to fire up our economy,” He said. “It’s not just boosting revenue for businesses, it’s bringing a fresh clientele through their doors eager to try a new eatery or exciting activity.”

“People of all ages and walks of life are giving them a go and we don’t want anyone to miss out… This extension will ensure everyone has a chance to use all four of their vouchers, which I’m sure will be particularly handy in the school holidays”.

First announced (with solid details, anyway) in January this year, and implemented in March, the voucher scheme is intended to boost the hospitality and tourism industries after they were hit pretty bloody hard by Covid lockdowns.

In great news, a lot of places have even been slinging offers to double the money value of your vouchers, so your four lots of $25 can spread a lot further — usually as long as you spend them in one place.

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Look, I get it, the sheer amount of places in which you can spend these vouchers is overwhelming. Bowling or indoor rock climbing? A cosy cafe or fancy restaurant?

Luckily for you, we rounded up our top picks of the places you can go spend your free money in right here. Enjoy.

(Lead Image: Unsplash / Dan Gold)

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