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10 Of The Best Puzzles To Keep You Sane During Iso

10 Of The Best Puzzles To Keep You Sane During Iso

Best Puzzles For Adults: 10 Puzzles To Level Up Your Next Game Night

If you’ve reached the end of your Netflix queue or just need a break from baking, you might be wondering what else you can do at home to keep yourself entertained (and sane). To you, can we just say: puzzles.

No one could have predicted that settling in with a glass of wine and a puzzle would become one of the trendiest things to do in 2020. It makes sense, though: what could be more satisfying during this chaotic time than quietly piecing something back together?

Of course, if you’re going to do a puzzle, you should make it a good one. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best, prettiest, hardest, and most creative puzzles available right now.

Whether you think Carol Baskin killed her husband, need a snack, or are just begging for a beach day, we’ve got the perfect puzzle for you.

Here are 10 of the best puzzles for adults:

#1 Joe Exotic puzzle

So you’ve binged Tiger King and already watched the reunion episode? This 1000-piece puzzle of Joe Exotic and one of his tigers should obviously be your next step.


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#2 Hogwarts 3D puzzle

If you’re still salty about never receiving your Hogwarts acceptance letter, this one’s for you. Build your own castle of witchcraft and wizardry and end up with a 3D replica of the Great Hall to call your own.

#3 Your favourite Aussie beach

Local artist Vincent Rommelaere photographs Aussie beaches and rockpools and usually sells his work as framed prints on the Australia Unseen website. But with all the beaches now closed, he’s pivoted to puzzles.

Now you can order one of his beautiful photographs of Bondi or Coogee beach, Bronte pools, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and more as a 500 or 1000-piece puzzle. Check out the full range of Australia Unseen puzzles here.


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#4 A map of Australia puzzle

Cure your travel restriction blues with this jigsaw puzzle that’s also a map of Australia. It’s beautifully illustrated with images of iconic Australiana like Uluru, the Sydney Opera House, and cuddly koalas, and it’s perfect for kids and adults alike.

#5 Inspirational women puzzle

You’re a queen, and so are the 54 inspirational women in this fun and colourful puzzle. Now you can spend a night quietly solving problems with icons like Frida Kahlo, Oprah, and Jane Austen. This 1000-piece puzzle is made even more challenging because it’s circular, so finding your corners won’t work this time.

#6 Gradient puzzle

If you can’t decide on a picture, why not attempt one of these gorgeous gradient puzzles? Pick from combinations like red and yellow, blue and green, pink and blue, or even a black and white version, then try to make the two colours flow into each other.


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#7 Krypt all-black puzzle

If your vibe is less colour gradients and more “blackest night”, then here’s the colour block puzzle for you. All 736 pieces of this puzzle are black, so you’ll be flexing your brain fitting pieces together instead of solving an image.

#8 Game of Thrones 3D puzzle

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a year since Bran Stark did a Steven Bradbury for the Iron Throne, but here we are. Go back to the Seven Kingdoms with this puzzle of Westeros and Essos.

This three-layer puzzle replicates the landscape based on the opening credits, and comes with 3D miniature replicas of cities and castles, like Kings Landing and Winterfell, that need to be fitted into place. It even comes with a miniature of the Iron Throne.

#9 Your favourite snacks as puzzles

Iso is a time of no-judgement snacking, so why not extend that to your puzzles? Choose from a slice of birthday cake, sugary breakfast cereal, pizza, and even a wedge of blue cheese to put together on your next games night. Or get something healthy like broccoli and eggplant — they may not be as much fun to eat, but they’re just as cute in puzzle form.

The Little Puzzle Thing collection is available from the same site as the gradient puzzles, so you can bundle a few options together if you’re stocking up.


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#10 The Great Wave off Kanagawa puzzle

It’s one of the most famous artworks in the world, and now you can put together your very own print of The Great Wave with this 1000-piece puzzle. Entertain your brain and score some high-quality art for your home. Win win.

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