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Is This Single-Serve Viennetta On A Stick The God Of All Desserts?

Is This Single-Serve Viennetta On A Stick The God Of All Desserts?

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, Streets Ice Cream have announced they’re bringing single-serve Viennettas to Australia. Read more here.

Have you ever tried something so mind-bogglingly awesome that you immediately wanted to tell everyone you know about it? You’re not alone. Getting to taste delicious things around the world is probably the best part of travel, so there’s no shame in planning a whole trip around one spesh dish, is there? Because you know in your heart of hearts that you’ve just gotta eat this.

What is it? You know those fancy Viennetta ice cream cakes your mum would splash out on now and then for parties? That, but a single-serve version on a stick. It’s the god of desserts.


Where can you get it? The Viennetta ice cream stick has been spotted in a few choice locations around the world, including in Sichuan, China, but we’ve most recently seen it on Bobbi Jo Divitini‘s Instagram from Malta, purchased from the Valletta ferry station.

What’s in it? Rippled layers of vanilla ice cream and chocolate.

Is it good for you? I guess it’s better for you than eating the whole cake.

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How much does it cost? Around €2; an absolute bargain.

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