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The New Drumstick Flavours Are Called ‘Mega Tips’ And I’ll Never Stop Laughing

The New Drumstick Flavours Are Called ‘Mega Tips’ And I’ll Never Stop Laughing

It’s a good week for new and delicious things, and this time Peters Drumstick have come through with the goods. I have to say though, my favourite part is the hilarious, if not misguided name.

Two new flavours of Drumsticks have hit our shelves, but we’ll get to what they are in a minute. The most important detail I need to share, is that they’ve been ‘Mega Tip’ Drumsticks. I’ll pause for LOLs.

The idea is that the chocolate down the bottom of your Drumstick is the best part (obviously), so why the heck not double it? A very good idea, in my opinion, until you decide to slap ‘Mega Tip’ branding over it. I simply will never recover.

As for the actual flavours, my favourite is absolutely Honey Macadamia. As Peters says, “this glorious cone is filled with caramelised honey syrup swirled through frozen creamy macadamia, with crushed macadamias on top and of course, the mega choccy tip” (I’m SORRY but that will never not be funny).

Sure, it’s kind of confusing to my tastebuds to be tasting honey with their ice cream, but in a way that really works. It’s also super rich though, so one at a time is heaps.

The other flavour is Choc, Peanut & Caramel, which would absolutely sound delicious to me if I didn’t have chocolate ice cream so much. A Peters explains, “this delicious creation marries chocolate and peanut in frozen harmony with gooey caramel syrup and crushed peanuts swirled throughout. It’s topped off with more peanuts and caramel on top, with an extra large choccy tip” (yes, I’m still giggling).

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The RRP for a four-pack is $8.40, available at supermarkets around the country. Only the Choc, Peanut & Caramel will be available in a single cone for $4.20 at petrol, convenience stores and independent retailers.

Go get your mega tip in.

(All Images: Provided / Peters)

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