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You Have To Check Out Japan’s Super Luxurious Floating Hotel

You Have To Check Out Japan’s Super Luxurious Floating Hotel

What’s not to love about a floating hotel? Endless water views and gentle, steady rocking that helps you fall asleep – yeah, we thought so. We’re all about that life. Now, Japan has exceeded all expectations by giving us the floating hotel to end all floating hotels.

What can’t that country do?

Guntu is a luxurious hotel swaying gently on the Setouchi Inland Sea in the Hiroshima Prefecture. It’s got 19 rooms, a lounge, sushi bar, cafe, bar and a gym. It’s even got a traditional Japanese bath on the balcony so you can overlook the sea while you soak. Bliss!


If pottering around on deck for your entire stay makes you itch for more adventure, Guntu has a number of boats that can ferry you to surrounding islands for the day. Though why you’d ever leave this paradise is beyond us.


Unfortunately, this world of unbridled luxury and comfort doesn’t come cheap. A room at Guntu will be setting you back around $3650AUD per night. The world can be cruel.

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Of course, we can always dream. For more information about Guntu, head to the official website.

(All images: Guntu)

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