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This Is What A ‘7 Star’ Hotel Actually Looks Like

This Is What A ‘7 Star’ Hotel Actually Looks Like

This new hotel is dubbing itself the first seven-star hotel in China. So what exactly do those seven stars get you?

Let’s start by noting that The Wanda Reign on the Bund in Shanghai cost $680 million to build. Yep, really. The architecture is said to combine art deco with 20th century Chinese design, which means the hotel is decked out with jade floors, marble columns, giant chandeliers and stained-glass windows, because you know, opulence.

Once you venture into one of the four massive dining rooms, you’ll notice that they all serve as lavish homes for the food of Michelin-star chefs.

Just a casual GOLDEN harp sitting in the lobby.

What about when you need to dance off that delicious and pricey meal? Just head to the 2362 square metre function ballroom, which boasts 26 metre high ceilings and 180 degree views of the Pudong skyline. Feel like hittin’ da club? All good, there are four to choose from within the hotel grounds as well as a 24-hour karaoke room.

Karaoke in style.

If you’re interested in a more chill vacay, you can book into one of three private suites in the Shui Spa, each equipped with its own sauna and steam rooms, plunge pools and treatment areas.


Otherwise why not just chill in your room which comes decked out with massage chairs and digital mini peep holes?

So what exactly does “seven star hotel” mean? Legend has it that way back in 1998, the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai opened with a butler for every room, leading a journalist to cheekily claim that the hotel was beyond luxury and they should use the seven star rating to gain media coverage. It took off, and now a number of super luxurious hotels around the world share that branding.

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A room in this seven star establishment will set you back around $570AUD per night, so start saving now.

(All images: Hotel Wanda Reign on the Bund)

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