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Sweden Is Getting A Floating Hotel That Freezes In Ice During Winter

Sweden Is Getting A Floating Hotel That Freezes In Ice During Winter

Sweden has announced plans to create a floating hotel that’s kind of like an igloo, but way less cold and much more fancy.

Floating on the Lule River in Northern Sweden, The Arctic Bath is a luxury hotel made up of a central spa and six surrounding cabins. All parts of the floating hotel are detached from each other, meaning you’d have to reach each section by boat for most of the year. But, in winter, when the river freezes over and the hotel gets locked into place, meaning guests can just walk across the ice.

arctic bath 4
Photo: The Arctic Bath

The main lobby area has a sauna, gastro pub, massage studio and shop centred around a big outdoor ice bath. You’re free to go for dip year-round, but with a temperature of four degrees Celsius, you’d have to be pretty brave to take the plunge.

arctic bath
Photo: The Arctic Bath/Facebook

The Arctic Bath was designed with minimal environmental impact by the architects behind Sweden’s hugely popular Treehotel.

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arctic cirlce 5
Artist’s impression of the floating cabin. Photo: The Arctic Circle

It’s slated to open in 2018, but you can contact Off The Map Travel to register your interest now. It’s a damn fine place to view the northern lights, that’s for sure.

(Lead image: The Arctic Bath)

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