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5 Classic Cocktails To Help You Celebrate World Cocktail Day

5 Classic Cocktails To Help You Celebrate World Cocktail Day


It’s May 13, and that can only mean one thing: it’s World Cocktail Day! All around the world, bars, restaurants and cocktail lovers unite to celebrate their passion for that alcoholic ambrosia beloved by so many.


The date has a storied significance; it commemorates the first ever published definition of a cocktail; on May 13, 1806, a New York tabloid published an article which defined a cocktail as “a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters”.

Of course, there’s only one way to celebrate World Cocktail Day – by indulging in one or two yourself.

Here’s five of our best-loved cocktails to serve as inspiration for the special day.

#1 Negroni

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One of the greatest and most stylish cocktails still popular today, the negroni is a simple yet delicious cocktail which, in its original form, is a simple mix of gin, red vermouth and Campari, served with a lemon peel over ice. Simple, sophisticated, classic.


#2 Whiskey Sour

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Sweet, sour and delectable, though the basic whiskey sour is a simple mixture of lemon juice, sugar, and usually an egg white, this is one of the fresher, more drinkable cocktails that’d suit even those who aren’t usually whiskey fans.

#3 Espresso Martini

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A nightclub favourite, the sweet, super-caffeinated espresso martini is the perfect pick-me-up during a long, late night out. With base ingredients vodka, coffee, coffee liqueur and ice, this drink is a devil in disguise: sweet yet wild.


#4 Bloody Mary

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The ultimate morning cocktail, bloody Mary’s are one of the world’s most loved cocktails, perfect for any time of the day or night. Bloody Mary’s often feel like a meal in a drink, with nutritious tomato juice and celery, often embellished with pickled vegetables, tomatoes, olives, as well as more indulgent toppings like bacon and beef jerky.

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#5 Margarita

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This classic tequila cocktail is synonymous with all things Mexican; the brightly-coloured combination of lemon, lime, sugar, triple sec and tequila in a salt-rimmed glass is the definition of a breezy cocktail; just the smell of one can evoke those holiday vibes.

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