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Floating Hotel Rooms Are A Thing In Thailand Now

Floating Hotel Rooms Are A Thing In Thailand Now

Kanchanaburi, Thailand. That’s where you should be marking off on your maps, setting a pin down on Google or writing a reminder to look up later. ‘Why should Kanchanaburi be on my radar?’ you may ask. Well in Kanchanaburi, there now exists a resort with floating hotel rooms and it’s probably the best place to be this side of the equator.


It clear where the X2 River Kwai Resort has drawn their fundamental inspiration from – Thailand is a country sprawling with beautiful scenery, insanely great islands and a number of rivers that run through its epic landscape. These rivers are so ingrained in traditional Thai lifestyle that the citizens have started building spaces around them (remember that outdoor cinema in Ko Kut? Or that gorgeous rooftop bar in Phuket?)

Located on one of the most picturesque stretches of the Kwai Noi River in western Thailand, x2 River Kwai Resort has a collection of sea-front properties that all have incredible views of the surrounding nature.


A new addition to the lot are the X-Float floating homes. Designed by Agaligo Studio, the X-Float homes have drawn inspiration from local floating houses that sit along the river, but have reinvented them with a distinctly modern feel.

Each of the floating homes has their own waterfront deck, and rooms are fitted out with floor-to-ceiling windows which lets in a huge amount of light, effectively bringing the outside in. You won’t even need to leave your bed to enjoy the view.



Also: there’s a rooftop lounge.

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Guests of the x2 River Kwai also have access to their river-view restaurant, library, infinity pool, bicycles and complimentary Wi-Fi in all common areas. What a treat.

(All images: Agaligo Studio)

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