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Secret Waterfalls Are Popping Up All Over Yosemite

Secret Waterfalls Are Popping Up All Over Yosemite

Thanks to an unprecedented heavy snow season, California’s famous Yosemite National Park has been inundated with dozens and dozens of beautiful waterfalls. In a nutshell, it means that the park’s world-famous beauty has just stepped it up a notch, or 10.

According to KCRA, “hundreds, if not thousands” of ‘pop-up’ waterfalls have appeared throughout the area due to unusually high snowpack (that is, the culmination of many layers of snow accumulated in high altitudes during extended cold snaps).

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Photo: John Schreiber/Instagram

Most of these are expected to only appear for a short amount of time, meaning time’s running out to witness such a beautiful natural phenomenon.

While Yosemite is already famous for its massive waterfalls, it’s been a long time since they flowed so heavily. Speaking to KCRA, Yosemite National Park Ranger Scott Gediman marvelled at the waterfalls, saying that in his 20-year career, “I have never seen Yosemite Falls vowing at the velocity it has”.

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Photo: Cameron Hoskins/Instagram

Some of Yosemite’s many famous waterfalls, including Sentinel, Staircase, Cascade, Horsetail and Ribbon Falls have been lying “dormant” for many years until this week. But what’s really special is that some of this week’s falls are flowing for the first time ever; it’s not often you get to say you’ve seen a newborn waterfall.

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Photo: Catherine Soria/Instagram

If you ever needed another reason to visit this spectacular natural wonder, this is it – but hurry up, it won’t last long, and isn’t expected to be repeated, given the state’s temperamental climate.

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Photo: Aanal Desai/Instagram

(Lead image: Wikimedia)

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