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Is This The Greatest Glamping Spot On The Planet?

Is This The Greatest Glamping Spot On The Planet?

Glamping has become quite the rage in recent years for those wanting to experience the great outdoors in comfort, and no other glamping spot in the world has combined such beautiful landscapes with such exquisite accommodation quite like the Highlands in Tanzania.

The Highlands features eight striking geodesic domes that are located 3000 metres above sea-level in the heart of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.


With floor to ceiling perspex on one side of the dome, glampers will have the best views around, with sprawling greenery as a backdrop and the sounds of animals as the soundtrack.


As the Serengeti is a protected space, building accommodation there is near impossible due to conservation efforts. But the Highlands was built to be entirely carbon neutral, so it’s wonderful for the area, and also for the eco-conscious traveller.


Wood and canvas make up the bulk of the materials used, and the sustainable nature of those materials has ensured a comfortable temperature at all times, despite the area’s extreme weather.


AWOL writer Adam Black highly recommends camping in Tanzania; “the sky in the Serengeti is so free of light pollution that at night, you can see the Milky Way stretching across the sky in a thick white line like an interstellar rainbow. At night I heard loud galloping hooves not too far away and elephants blaring in the distance.” Glamping, it is then!

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Each of the eight structures features the luxury of wood-burning stoves, hot-water bottles, ottomans and lots and lots of cushions, for ultimate luxury.

If you’re interested in booking, or want more information about these one of a kind domes, see here.


(All Images: Asilia Africa)

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