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Indonesia’s ‘Rainbow Village’ Has Become An Overnight Sensation

Indonesia’s ‘Rainbow Village’ Has Become An Overnight Sensation

They say that “overnight success” is not a thing. But one Indonesian town had a goal to turn its village into an iconic tourist destination. And it pretty much succeeded in just a few months. Kampung Pelangi wanted more people to come and visit. So in a genius move — considering how much travellers love the perfect ‘gram — the town made an executive decision to paint itself rainbow.

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  As of writing, 223 houses in the village have been painted with a minimum of three colours. Many houses have chosen to include more. There’s pinks, blues, greens, purples and reds splashed all over the previously colourless walls and roofs. But it doesn’t stop there. The park benches, lightposts, fences, footpaths and bridges have all been jazzed up in rainbow paint too.

Lonely Planet reports that the entire village makeover will cost the Indonesian government an estimated $200,000AUD. But it’s already paying for itself. Look at all the happy instagrammers who made the journey all the way to Kampung Pelangi, otherwise known as the Rainbow Village of South Semarang:

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In fact, the rainbow paint has already been so successful that plans are now in place to paint all 390 houses. We have no doubt that we’ll be seeing the world’s most colourful city on our Instagram feed for years to come. (Lead image: henkyhendrawanku/Instagram)

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