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Farewell Tangled Necklaces, This Viral Travel Hack Changes Everything

Farewell Tangled Necklaces, This Viral Travel Hack Changes Everything

Tiktok viral necklace hack using straw

If you travel with necklaces, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll have to dedicate at least 10 minutes to undoing a series of tiny metal knots from your jewellery when you arrive at your destination. It’s no fun, so this TikTok necklace hack is extremely welcome.

Deanna Giulietti shared a video to her 1.3 million TikTok followers this week, thanking users for putting her onto the “genius” necklace hack that uses a straw.

“When I travel for the weekend, I put all my necklaces on my neck, because I’m always afraid that if I throw them in my bag, they’re going to like, turn into a knot,” says Giulietti. She then whips out a few straws, excitedly shouting, “but you guys turned me onto the straw method”.

Before you read any further, yes, she is holding plastic straws, which is obviously something we want to avoid. Deanna references this fact in her TikTok, saying she plans to “reuse, reuse, reuse.” The better options for reusable straws are silicone and paper, avoiding metal straws as they could scratch your jewellery.

OK, now you’re ready to have the way you pack your necklaces changed forever:

How to do the necklace hack

Unclasp your necklace, grab the straw and feed one half of your necklace through the straw. Re-clasp your jewellery et voila, thats it. “It’s a 10 out of 10,” says Giulietti.

If you were committed to this hack being your new way forward for packing jewellery, you could also cut one of your silicone or paper straws in half, making it the ideal size to use for bracelets.

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We also don’t see why feeding two necklaces through one straw couldn’t work, especially if they’re mixed materials such as beads, similar to the type Deanna is wearing in her video. Could be a good experiment next time you’re off on a trip or to the gym.

The straw hack has been around for a while, but its resurgence on TikTok promises to save Gen Z and Millennials a whole lot of time.

Lead image: Kate Hliznitsova / Unsplash  

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