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This TikTok-Famous Flight Attendant Just Spilled The Real Reason Cabin Crew Greet Us While Boarding

This TikTok-Famous Flight Attendant Just Spilled The Real Reason Cabin Crew Greet Us While Boarding

Flight attendant looking out of airplane engine

Have you ever thought how nice it is we each get a personal greeting from cabin crew when boarding a plane? Well, TikTok-famous flight attendant Kat Kamalani just revealed that staff aren’t just being friendly. They’re sizing us up for a reason.

Everyone loves an industry secret, especially when it comes to flying. As a result, a few flight attendants have reached TikTok stardom sharing insider information with the public, like how to calculate the best seat in economy. Kat Kamalani is one such hostie, with her latest TikTok video on why we’re individually greeted on a flight amassing 3.2 million views.

The reason is safety related. They’re looking for “ABPs” or Able Bodied Persons who will be able to help them in an emergency. But they’re also keeping an eye out for anything strange that could tip them off to a potential human trafficking situation, something Kamalani says “happens a lot.”

“When you walk on the airplane and see our happy, smiley face, we’re actually looking you up and down, trying to find our ABPs,” the Salt-Lake-City-based flight attendant says in the video. They take special attention to military personnel, firefighters, policemen, nurses and doctors.

“In case of an emergency like a medical emergency or we are going to land the plane or a security breach, we know who’s on our plane and who can help us,” she explains. Cabin Crew also scan for ABPs while walking up and down the aisles, says Kamalani.

Flight attendants are trained to look out for signs of human trafficking, so greeting passengers is an efficient way to do this.

“It happens a lot in the industry,” she says in the video. “And our passenger safety is our number one priority, so we’re just looking for things that look off.”

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When they’re pacing the aisles, staff are also looking for things that don’t belong on the plane, “like a box full of liquid” or other funky items.

The comments were popping off, as expected, with many people questioning how cabin crew could possibly know whether someone is a doctor by looking at them. Kamalani replied with a wink emoji, “Oh we know.” In response to another comment, Kamalani also said sometimes passengers will tell staff “Hey, I’m a doctor in seat 34A just in case,” because they’re legends.

So next time you board, know that flight attendants aren’t looking you up and down just to silently judge your questionable choice in ‘plane clothes.’

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