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This Woman Who Travelled The World Just To Cut A Love Lock Is An Inspiration To All Of Us

This Woman Who Travelled The World Just To Cut A Love Lock Is An Inspiration To All Of Us

We’ve all made stupid choices while dating someone we thought would be important forever. Hell, I had to get a whole tattoo removed. So the journey of this TikTok user felt the need to travel the world simply to cut off a love lock she and her ex had put onto a bridge together is one we can all relate to.

Kassie Yeung recently took a journey from Los Angeles to Seoul (yes, since the pandemic happened, and yes I’m a bit jealous they’re allowed to do that) where she and her ex had clipped a love lock onto the fences of Namsan Tower.

Now, personally, I think love locks are idiotic. If any man tries to symbolise our love with a lock — a symbol of oppression and chains — is a man who’ll find himself unceremoniously dumped in the near future. Why isn’t hanging up love keys a thing?

Anyway, the point is the Namsan Tower is one of those places absolutely dripping with love locks — like the Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris (until the city removed them in 2015 to save the bridge from collapsing) and Brooklyn Bridge in New York — so finding one tiny lock amongst them all is no small feat.

Six days ago, Yeung posted up a TikTok video detailing how she did just that.

Speaking to Insider, Yeung explained that she’d put the lock there with her ex in the summer of 2019, returning in the spring of 2021 to remove all evidence of the act.

While this was obviously a motivating factor, it was just a fun detour on a larger trip that had nothing to do with this man.

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“It is relevant in the sense that everyone goes through relationships, breakups, and possibly having love locks with ex-lovers,” she said.

Well, she’s not wrong, she calls herself petty in the video, I say she’s an inspiration. Truly outstanding stuff.

(Lead image: TikTok / @kassieyeung)

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