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This Viral TikTok ​Will Forever Change How You Remove An Avocado Seed, No Knife Necessary

This Viral TikTok ​Will Forever Change How You Remove An Avocado Seed, No Knife Necessary

tiktok avocado seed hack

The world loves avocados, a love so strong we will risk our literal hands to eat it. But thanks to TikTok, gone are the days of hacking a sharp knife onto the avocado seed’s slippery dome or mangling it by scooping with a spoon. This chef’s trick will change your life.

You’ve either nearly sliced your hand de-seeding and avo, or made it all the way to emergency. My time came in 2018 when I was mindlessly hacking out an avocado seed using the wrong (serrated) knife, which kind of bounced off the surface and stuck the landing at the base crease of my pointer finger, tearing through my flesh.

When at the hospital getting my stitches, the nurse told me that this was just “avocado hand” – so common there’s a nickname for it. Many hospitals have become accustomed to a ‘post-brunch surge’ and even Meryl Streep avocado handed herself in 2012.

Avocado-related injuries were posing such a risk that a few years ago, the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons wanted safety labels on them. People can actually cause permanent nerve damage to fingers or hand, which isn’t much of a lol. Clearly, there needs to be a better way forward for guacamole and smashed avo fiends.

This is where TikTok steps in with a stupidly simple hack that will make you question everything you thought you knew.

avocado pit removal
Images: @brittany_broski via TikTok / / @_mynameischo via TikTok

At the start of May, Sushi Chef Cho (@_mynameischo) was showing people how to slice an avocado for sushi, but to get to that point you have to de-seed it first.

Cho starts by slicing around the fruit to split it in two, as per usual. He then explains that he doesn’t like to use a knife to stab out the avocado seed because, “I’ve seen people that are super uncoordinated and they just slice their fingers open,” before he casually places his index and middle fingers on either side of the seed and uses his thumb to push the seed forward from the back, effectively popping it out, like it’s NO BIG DEAL.

Cho himself describes the move as “effortless” and that’s exactly what it is. Simple, fool-proof and logical. Cho has changed the game. Endless vids have replicated Cho’s hack to see if it’s fact or cap, and every sing time: FACT, baby!

If you’re still not a believer, here’s Aussie @cookingwithayeh giving it a crack:

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@tracesoats also got in on the action, and I too can personally vouch that this is now how I remove an avocado seed and will do so forevermore. It’s genius.

Your life now exists in two parts: BAT (Before Avocado TikTok), and AAT (After Avocado TikTok). You’re welcome.

(Lead image: @brittany_broski via TikTok / / @_mynameischo via TikTok)

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