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This Honeycomb Pasta Cake Taking Over TikTok Is The Ultimate Winter Comfort Meal

This Honeycomb Pasta Cake Taking Over TikTok Is The Ultimate Winter Comfort Meal

I am simply not ready for winter, the audacity of this weather to become so cold. I need comfort, and I need cosy, and I’m very willing to get it from my food. Enter, the latest viral TikTok food trend, Honeycomb Pasta Cake.

Trust me, it looks way better than it sounds.

This carby, cheese-laden situation seems to have been introduced to the platform by my now personal hero, Anna Rothfuss — who goes by @bananalovesyoutoo.

She literally just stuffs stuffing string cheese into large pasta tubes (aka Cannelloni or Manicotti) then chucks a jar of pasta sauce, meat and more cheese on top. Basically, it’s an ultimate mac ‘n cheese that’s disgusting and mouth-watering at the same time.

“You don’t have to have meat, obviously,” says Rothfuss. So vegos (me), feel free to skip or go find that vegan mince.

TikTok has done its thing and a bunch of chef-inclined users are jazzing it up and creating their own versions. Most people are stuffing the pasta with mozzarella, which frankly would be way better. This guy added spicy Italian sausage to give it a bit of kick:

This user makes it with pepperoni, meatballs and dollops of ricotta. He also adds that his rigatoni is pre-cooked to al dente, making him the first user to actually give a helpful instruction.

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I also greatly appreciate this user who made an Alfredo version, I love some creamy pasta sauces.

These are great, but I live alone and there’s no way I’m getting through a whole “cake”. So you best believe I’ll be trying this out in my individual ramekins.

TikTok is truly becoming the place of culinary delights for the everyday person. I mean there was the fetta pasta dish, a waffle ‘bowl’ hack and who could forget this wrap hack that has entirely changed my life?

(Lead image: TikTok / @bananalovesyoutoo)

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