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We Asked A Pro What Meals To Pair These Five Popular Cocktails With

We Asked A Pro What Meals To Pair These Five Popular Cocktails With

We all know about wine pairings, but we have no idea about what to drink cocktails with — other than more cocktails, am I right?

So we asked Jeremy Allan, the Brand Manager of Twisted Shaker Cocktail (which you can buy here) for a few tips on five of the most common and popular cocktails.

“The overall theme here is to choose foods that complement, but not compete with, the flavours of the cocktails being served. Like Twisted Shaker Cocktails, we like to keep the food matching simple and easy,” Jeremy explained.

1. Margarita

“You are going to want a dish or appetiser that complements the lime flavours of the margarita. Guac and chips are an easy and simple match but if you have a bit more time, try raw kingfish ceviche. If you enjoy it, don’t be afraid to add a bit of chilli on top too, that always goes down a treat”.

2. Cucumber Gimlet

“You can match this with Sushi…yes Sushi! Sushi with cucumber will enhance the flavours already present in the cucumber gimlet plus the cocktail will act as a palate cleanser in between bites and sushi pieces. Seafood sushi will also pair nicely with gin-based cocktails”.

3. Espresso Martini

“This is a dessert matching cocktail for sure, mainly one that is going to complement the richness of the cold-brew coffee. We’d suggest pouring it over vanilla ice cream (affogato al caffe style), pairing it with a classic cheesecake or simply with chocolate”.

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4. Old Fashioned

“Whiskey based cocktails pair well with beef, particularly on the BBQ. If you are looking for a bit of extra flavour, try using a smoky BBQ rub on the beef before cooking. The subtle smoky flavours will round off the Old Fashioned nicely”.

5. Cosmopolitan

“The cosmo lends itself well to a good old cheeseboard. Go for a bit of flavour in your cheese but nothing too overpowering (stray away from blue). Hard cheeses like aged cheddar and pecorino of softer cheeses like brie will go great with the fruity and floral flavours of the raspberry hibiscus cosmopolitan”.

(Lead image: Provided by Tristed Cocktail)

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