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This Genius Suitcase Carries Your Clothes And Up To 12 Bottles Of Wine

This Genius Suitcase Carries Your Clothes And Up To 12 Bottles Of Wine

An ever-present problem for travelling winos is what to do with all the glorious wine in your home collection that you hope to either consume on holiday, or the bottles you bought on vacay that you hope to bring home with you.

Now, sure, you could carry it on the plane with you — but watch your seven-kilo weight limit go out the door real quick. So then, you can pack it in your bag, wrapped in all your clothes, and hope for the best — but the best doesn’t always happen and then you end up with red wine all over your white pants.

Do you see? The struggle is real. Or it was, until some genius from Napa solved the problem in one suitcase.


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FlyWithWine has invented the VinGardeValise — a suitcase in three colours with specially designed (and removable) foam inserts that allows you to carry up to 12 bottles of wine without fear of breakage. They also have carry-on versions for three to eight bottles. Plus you can add a little nameplate which is all class, obviously.

I’m going to need 10.

Except, not actually 10, because is it cheap? No, not at all. Going via their website, the bag will set you back USD$349, then you have to add USD$180 just for shipping to Australia, bringing your total to about $684 Aussie buckerinos. I also checked Aussie Amazon, where it’s about the same price in total. Still though, kind of worth it.

“Over the years, as we traveled [sic] to stunning wine regions around the world (enjoying a few bottles of wine along the way), we were constantly reminded of the troubles of transporting wine and became dead-set on remedying them,” FlyWithWine CEO Ron Scharman wrote on their website.

On behalf of everyone, I’d like to say — thank you.

(Lead image: Instagram / @fly_with_wine)

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