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Uber Has Launched Quiet Mode So You Can Finally Avoid Small Talk

Uber Has Launched Quiet Mode So You Can Finally Avoid Small Talk

Nothing beats staring out a car’s passenger window in total, braindead silence. (Particularly if you’re speeding towards the airport.) Thanks to Uber’s new quiet mode, that Zen dream can now be guaranteed.

Uber has just introduced a range of new features for Australian riders. These additional Rider Preferences, including quiet mode, are available on Uber Comfort rides.

With the new quiet mode, you can request in advance whether you want a quiet ride or a chatty one. Quiet mode means no conversation, radio or music, so you can easily take a conference call or finish last-minute work.

Better still, you could just vague out in peace. Or, if you’re anything like Succession’s number one boy Kendall Roy, sometimes it’s best to keep your own conversation-starters bottled up.

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Uber Comfort riders can now also set an ideal in-car temperature, choosing between warm, hot, cool or cold. There’s also extended wait times, with drivers waiting up to 10 minutes if you’re held up.

An Uber Comfort ride is generally 1.2 times the price of an equivalent UberX trip. You’re also guaranteed new cars and experienced drivers with a minimum rating of 4.85.

Go forth and enjoy your silence.

(Lead Image: Succession / HBO) 

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