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Free Nintendo Switch Lounges Are Popping Up In Heaps Of Airports

Free Nintendo Switch Lounges Are Popping Up In Heaps Of Airports

Nintendo Switch Airport Lounges

The Nintendo Switch is a tool made for travel. What other game console can you literally pack up and take with you to play while travelling, even while on a plane? To prove the perfectly travel-friendly nature of the Nintendo Switch, airports around the United States are playing host to pop-up gaming zones that will keep you entertained between flights.

Starting this week, the Nintendo Switch airport pop-ups will be featured in major American airports, including the Dallas Love Field Airport, Washington DC’s Dulles International Airport (concourse B), Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (concourse C), and Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (terminal 1). All Nintendo Switch lounges are open now, and all will be open for play until March 29.


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Players will be able to test out some of the best contemporary games on the consoles, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (one of the best console games ever, in our humble opinion), Super Mario Odyssey, Tetris 99, Super Mario Party and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

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They can also be tested in various modes – on a handheld device or on a television, using either the Switch or Switch Lite, showing the true capabilities of Nintendo’s flagship platform. Sounds like an airport-stopover, time-busting blessing to me.

Players convinced by the Nintendo Switch (trust us, it’s worth it) can order one at the kiosk and get a free carrying case. There’s also a selection of games and merchandise available to buy.


Nintendo is also gearing up its other experiences around the world – check out the Super Nintendo theme park opening in Osaka, Japan, soon (it’s going to feature a full-size Mario Kart course, natch) or the one coming to the United States in 2023.

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