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Oh Damn, This TikTok Hack For Making Waffle “Bowls” Is Pure Genius

Oh Damn, This TikTok Hack For Making Waffle “Bowls” Is Pure Genius

Woman shocked with hand over mouth next to little pancake batter cups of fried chicken with maple syrup from a Tiktok Hack

Americans love putting fried chicken on sweet things, the pinnacle of which is chicken and waffles.

Personally, I’ve never been keen on ordering them, not even when I was travelling the states. While I totally understand the whole sweet and salty vibe (Cobs sweet and salty popcorn is my addiction), I just find them bulky and awkward to eat – a bit OTT. So I was genuinely impressed that a recent TikTok hack for a spin on this very dish made my mouth water. It’s up there with the toasted tortilla wrap hack.

But this isn’t your standard chicken and waffles. In fact, you don’t even have to limit yourself to chicken, you could fill these bad boys with anything you wanted.

The hack was first posted by Dietician Stephanie Grasso, inspired from what seems to be a ‘5 Minute Crafts’ video originally for taco cups.

Her twist on the hack is ‘Chicken and Waffles’ – but she actually uses buttermilk pancake mix with the ladle to create perfect little fried batter cups that cradle your pieces of fried chicken. You then drizzle maple syrup on top and your snack game is forever elevated.

Image: TikTok / @stephgrassodietitian 

The result in her video, which has almost 500k views, is so dainty and crispy – the crunch you hear as she bites in, ugh – that you can’t help but want to try it for yourself. Who knew all I had to do to get on board with chicken and waffles was lose the waffle part?

But this is TikTok, where a lot of the hacks you see are fakes.

Thankfully, Victorian band Party Shirt (“two blokes, one from ‘straya and the other from southern California“) tested this out so we don’t have to, including the hack in their super popular ‘Fact or Cap’ series – where they test out TikTok trends to see if they’re “real or bullshit”.

The boys prep the pancake batter as per the packet instructions and dip the back of the ladle into the the mix ,so it coats the back. They then submerge the bottom of said ladle in a saucepan of boiling oil to fry the batter coating. Once fried, the cup easily comes off. Add chicken pieces, drizzle on maple syrup and boom, chicken and ‘waffles’ (easy on the waffles).

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The boys were 1000 percent on board with this being a fact. The verdict?

“So…we couldn’t even wait to film, these are fucking incredible.”

Obviously you can use waffle batter if you’re a purist, but who can pass up a buttermilk pancake?

(Lead image: TikTok / @stephgrassodietitian 

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