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A DIY Mulled Wine Kit Exists, So That’s What I’ll Be Drinking All Winter

A DIY Mulled Wine Kit Exists, So That’s What I’ll Be Drinking All Winter

As I’m not a total nutter, I love wine. Particularly red wine. In fact, the only thing that can improve on a glass of good red wine, is warming it up and throwing in a bunch of tasty spices. Yes, we’re talking about mulled wine.

As much as I love a mulled wine treat, I’ve never made it myself and it’s so hard to find. For a while there I had a German housemate who occasionally gave us a little mulled wine treat (though they call it Glühwein), but now I’m fending for myself again and I miss it so much.

So I’m personally a bit excited that Jam Shed Wines are handing out a mulled wine mix and jam jar when you buy their $13 Shed Shiraz across select independent retailers around Australia right now (but for a limited time).


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“Jam Shed is a great introduction to red wine for new wine drinkers and our new mulled wine spice mixes also provide people with exciting ways to serve and enjoy a glass or two during the cooler months,” explains Alison Baker, Jam Shed Winemaker.

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“Jam Shed Shiraz is the ideal base for a delicious, mulled wine; when heated its luscious fruity flavours balance the spice mix beautifully, accentuating hints of cinnamon and vanilla”.

I mean, you don’t have to tell me twice.

(Lead image: provided / Jam Wines)

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