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These Rare Flowers That Only Bloom After Bushfires Are Turning The Blue Mountains Pink

These Rare Flowers That Only Bloom After Bushfires Are Turning The Blue Mountains Pink

The hills (aka, the Blue Mountains) are alive with the sight of tiny pink flowers that only bloom during the summer following a significant fire, as long as that summer has been particularly wet.

I know, I know — flower fields are so overdone (except you know you still love them, because they’re awesome), but guys, catching these Pink Flannel Flowers is a rare and beautiful phenomenon. Here’s a fun little TikTok to explain it perfectly:

“You’ll almost never get a chance to see them,” the video explains. “They’re called Pink Flannel Flowers because they’re pink and they feel like flannel, but they need really specific conditions to actually grow”.

“First of all, you need a wildfire. This area was burnt about a year ago. On top of that you need an unusually high amount of rain, and you need it to be summer.”

These Pink Flannels are also know to bloom in scattered parts of eastern Australia, from the Blue Mountains to north-eastern Victoria. Yet in all these places, it can be years and years in between sightings.

We could get a lot more technical about just how rare this species is, but all you really need to know is that they’re gorgeous and rare and a positive sign that the area is recovering from the horrific bushfires of 2019/20. They also make the perfect excuse to head back to the Blue Mountains right now — as if you needed one.

If you are planning to take a road trip, you’ll probably want to check out these lookouts for a chance to catch the flowers. Just remember not to be a jerk and trample all over them, I don’t care how the good the photo is going to be.

While you’re in the area, maybe try and find this mysterious pair of rock boobs. Or completely relax at this Japanese-style Onsen.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @risingearth_)

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