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This Tiny Floating Hotel Is Actually The Cutest

This Tiny Floating Hotel Is Actually The Cutest

This is nothing like The Godfather, you guys. Though you’ll be sleeping with the fishes, you’ll be doing so in the safety of your very snug and very cosy underwater hotel room.

The Hotell Utter Inn is a floating hotel in Lake Mälaren at Västerås in Sweden where your room is located three metres below the water’s surface. This ‘floatel’ is kind of like a human aquarium, where the fish watch you, rather than the other way around.


While spending a night’s sleep under the sea might not sound so appealing, the gentle rocking of the villa is actually said to be quite soothing. The room is securely anchored in place too so you won’t drift away with the waves.

Those who feel a little claustrophobic can rest easy too – there’s an above ground area fitted with a kitchen, toilet and a deck.


To get there, guests of the Utter Inn arrive at the port of Västerås and are taken 1 kilometre out towards the hotel on the lake. You’re provided a dinghy and some instructions, then you are left alone for the duration of your stay.


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The Utter Inn is open between April and October.


(Images: Visit Vasteras)

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