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Wish You Were Here: Skye Rooftop Pool, São Paulo

Wish You Were Here: Skye Rooftop Pool, São Paulo

Where novelty meets interesting ideas, the rooftop pool at the Hotel Unique in São Paulo has one different feature added to its sparkling rooftop pool – a crimson red pool light.


That stark blood red colour is almost off-putting to say the least, but it doesn’t stop hundreds of thousands of travellers from checking out this unique tourist spot. It might have something to do with how magnificent it looks at night…


The crimson pool can be found near the rooftop bar Skye on top of the Hotel Unique where innovative delicious food is served with a side of stunning views over Ibirapuera Park and the entire São Paulo skyline.


The pool isn’t the only odd feature at the hotel though – the avant-garde hotel was designed by Brazilian architect Roy Ohtake in 1995 and features an exterior that is shaped like a large boat (or a half-watermelon? With seeds as windows?) Either way, the eccentric designer sure knew how to make people look twice.


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