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This Is The Country With The Best Reputation

This Is The Country With The Best Reputation

Public perception does a lot in the way of swaying budding travellers – so much so that a country’s reputation can often be the deciding factor in destination choice. A study by the Reputation Institute (yes, that’s a real thing) recently found out which countries are sporting the best reps – and surprise, surprise, Scandinavia’s scored another winner.

Sweden has scored the coveted title of the country with the best reputation for 2016. 48,000 residents in the G8 countries (the world’s eight largest industrialised democracies including Canada, France, Japan and the US) completed an online survey and evaluated 55 countries based on levels of trust, esteem, admiration and respect.


Sweden ranked number one for six key factors – external residents rated the Scandinavian country’s safety, high transparency in the media, parental leave subsidies and economic growth as admirable qualities. They also spoke highly of Sweden’s natural spaces because, well, with views like this, who wouldn’t?


But before we all pack up our bags and head to Sweden, Australia managed to take out the number four spot on RI’s list. Our nation state was praised for its safety, security, peacefulness, its well-educated and reliable workforce and its willingness to engage in investment.

Last year’s winner Canada dropped one place to take out #2, with Switzerland (#3) and Norway (#5) rounding out the top 5. Australia was one of only three non-European countries to make it into the top 10.

On the other end of the spectrum, nations with poor reputations tend to be ones going through political or economic instability, the study suggests. Places like Iraq, Iran, Nicaragua and Nigeria all ranked low in RI’s study.

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Check out the highest ranking countries below, and see the entire list here.

#1 Sweden
#2 Canada
#3 Switzerland
#4 Australia
#5 Norway
#6 Finland
#7 New Zealand
#8 Denmark
#9 Ireland
#10 Netherlands

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