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A Pizza ATM Exists; It’s A Good Time To Be Alive

A Pizza ATM Exists; It’s A Good Time To Be Alive

A college in the US just installed a pizza ATM that never closes. Just take a moment to let that sink in.

Ohio’s Xavier University is home to this new technology, which promises a fresh 12-inch pizza 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hungry punters deposit their cash, choose their toppings on the touchscreen, and receive their pizza through a special pizza slot in just three minutes. It’s actual magic.

Paline proudly presents America’s very first #pizzaatm

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The ATM can hold up to 70 pizzas in its controlled refrigerator unit. When a pizza order is placed, the pizza will be transported to the internal oven which cooks pies at a temperature of 360ºC. After it’s cooked the pizza will be placed in its own pizza box and delivered to the paying recipient.

Another beautiful pizza from #xavieruniversity Pizza Chefs. #pizzaatm

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There’s a variety of toppings to choose from too – pepperoni, cheese and veggie are all pretty popular. And thankfully they haven’t compromised on taste either. The university’s Assistant Vice President Jude Kiah says the quality of pizza delivered by the machine is “second to no other pizza” he’s had. High praise!

The pizza ATM, while obviously a gift from the pizza gods, is made by a company called Paline who have apparently been distributing pizza ATMs across their home country of France for 14 years. 14 years? Why wasn’t there some sort of public service announcement for this?

If anyone is reading this from the Australian government or city planning or whoever is in charge of this kind of decision, please, please, bring one of these to Australia. And preferably within walking distance of the AWOL office, mmkay?

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