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This Boat Hotel Comes With A Floating Sauna

This Boat Hotel Comes With A Floating Sauna

You may remember this cute floating hotel moored on Lake Mälaren in Sweden where you can sleep with the fishes – quite literally. Well it looks like Sweden has become your go-to destination for floating hotels with Salt & Sill, the country’s very first fully-functioning floating inn.


(Photo: Karl Jonsson/Flickr)

Tied to the dock of Kladeshholmen, a coastal town just an hour’s drive from Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast, this rockin’ hotel is situated in a rarely visited area of the north but nevertheless it’s a pretty perfect spot to do some Swedish island hopping.

Decked out in the very best of Scandinavian design fixtures, Salt & Sill was built from six two-storey houses on floating pontoons and has 48 beds on offer for its adventurous guests.

(Images: Salt & Sill)

There’s also an adjacent sauna boat and floating restaurant to enjoy all the Nordic delicacies that you desire. The sauna is located on the second floor of the moored boat, perfect for taking that extra cold dip in the water once you’ve sweated out all of those toxins. There’s even a sunbathing deck on the roof to soak up the rays during Sweden’s small window of summer.

(Images: Salt & Sill)

Live it up on this floating hotel that showcases the very best of Nordic charm. Prices start at 2290 SEK (about $385 AUD) for one night on the luxury boat inn.

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