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Festival Bucket List: Festival Of The Pig, France

Festival Bucket List: Festival Of The Pig, France

What: La Pourcailhade, or the Festival of the Pig, is an event celebrating those chubby pink mud-enthusiasts.


Where: Not in a pig-pen, surprisingly – this odd festival is celebrated in the French town of Trie-sur-Baïse, in south-west France.

When: Annually in August

Fun fact: The festival overtakes the small farming town of Trie-sur-Baïse which is decorated from snout to swirly tail with piggy decorations. The annual festival brings widespread interest and a good healthy boost to the pig farming industry of the region.

Why should you go? Pigs and bacon, basically. But if there’s only one thing that will sway you, it just might be the infamous pig squealing competition that sees hundreds of people come from across the land to present their very best Cri du Cochon. Start practicing your very best pig squeal now for next year’s festivities, it’s harder than you think!

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