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These Are Europe’s Cheapest Cities To Visit

These Are Europe’s Cheapest Cities To Visit

Many European holidays are often associated with a hard hit to the hip pocket, but new stats from the European Backpacker Index proves that Eur-ope doesn’t have to end in Eur-broke.

Now in its seventh year, the annual Europe Backpacker Index sets out to rank 56 of the continent’s most popular cities from cheapest to most expensive. They do so by researching basic costs for each city including benchmarks like the cost of one night in a cheap hostel, public transportation rides, famous attraction entrance fees, budget meals and even the cost of cheap, local beers.

For 2017, the cheapest city in Europe title was taken out by Sofia, the historic capital of the Balkan nation of Bulgaria.

Sofia was described by the index as “a fantastic bargain among European capitals” thanks in most part to its location off the beaten track. Prices for nearly everything are very cheap, but don’t expect any major tourist attractions – instead, settle for a “surprisingly urban experience at shockingly reasonable prices.”

Sofia, Bulgaria. Photo: vi-go/Flickr

Sofia was followed by Krakow in Poland where you can expect low prices, beautiful old city vibes and local culture. Bucharest in Romania followed suit, as did Belgrade in Serbia and Budapest in Hungary.

And as for the most expensive? That crown was taken out by Zurich in Switzerland, Reykjavik in Iceland and Venice in Italy.

See the top ten cheapest cities below, and click here for the full list.

#1 Sofia, Bulgaria
#2 Krakow, Poland
#3 Bucharest, Romania
#4 Belgrade, Serbia
#5 Budapest, Hungary
#6 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
#7 Kiev, Ukraine
#8 Český Krumlov, Czech Republic
#9 Warsaw, Poland
#10 Zagreb, Croatia

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(Lead image: Budapest, Hungary)

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