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9 Underrated European Summer Destinations If You Want To Skip The Crowds

9 Underrated European Summer Destinations If You Want To Skip The Crowds

Come July, it feels like every second person you follow on Instagram is gallivanting around Europe. The feed is full of people jumping off rocks and sipping Aperol Spritzes like it’s their job.

If you’ve got as much FOMO as we do, you’re probably thinking about planning your own dream European summer.

But instead of sticking to the tired route that everyone’s already paved, why not check out one of these more quiet, underrated European summer destinations?

1. Himarë, Albania

The Albanian Riviera is hands-down the most underrated spot in all of Europe. The sand is pure white, and the water is an almost impossible shade of blue. It looks just like the idyllic Greek islands except without all the people, and everything is a quarter of the price.

Himarë is a small town where you can chill for a couple of days and explore all the small beaches up the coast. If you prefer a more fast-paced destination, hit up the party town of Sarandë a couple hours south.

2. Malta

This tiny island country underneath Italy is the ideal place for a summer trip. However, it’s often overlooked on the classic Euro-trip route.

It’s got stunning beaches, mountains for hiking, small towns to explore, and a fun nightlife scene with streets that comes alive once the sun goes down.

The capital city, Valletta, is one of the smallest in Europe. It’s got an amazing history and the whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


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3. Montenegro

There are a couple of beautiful places along Montenegro’s short coastline, where cute old towns are perched on cliffs around a bay.

If you’re after a party vibe, hit up Budva. It’s known for sandy beaches and rowdy nightlife, and is where most local Montenegrins choose to visit in summer.

For something a bit more chill, the small town of Bar is the best place to just sit back and relax by the water. Or head to Kotor, probably the most recognisable of them all. Its walled Old Town is watched over by a hilltop fortress, which you can climb to get amazing views of the city below.

It’s a cruise ship stop, so the city can get pretty busy, but it’s awesome to visit for a day or two.


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Perast Town ☕❤ Montenegro Congrats @adrianbaias Use #map_of_europe #Montenegro

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4. Zakynthos, Greek Islands

When you’re thinking about Greek islands, most European summer seekers gravitate to Santorini and Mykonos. And while they’re both beautiful, it’s definitely worth checking out some of their less-travelled neighbours.

Zakynthos is a small island just off the mainland, so it’s only a one-hour ferry instead of the seven hours it takes you to get to Santorini.

The rugged limestone coastline looks amazing jutting into the electric-blue ocean, so you just know your Insta is going to be lit the whole time you’re there.


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Xigia beach . Tag a friend to give them an idea for summer vacations . Photo @gingerspierings

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5. Istria, Croatia

OK, Croatia definitely isn’t underrated. But instead of only focusing on Split and Dubrovnik, try to factor some of the northern parts of the country into your European summer itinerary.

The Istrian peninsula is all wineries, small hillside villages and postcard-perfect seaside towns. Base yourself in a big town like Rovinj, or try and find a cute Airbnb in a village and rent a car.

Everything’s way cheaper than it is down in the south of the country, so you’ll never want to leave.


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ROVINJ – in het oude centrum van Rovinj kan je uren rond slenteren (en verdwaald raken) door de smalle, steile en kleurrijke straatjes. Misschien een handige tip voor iedereen die het niet van zijn richtingsgevoel moet hebben; wandel je bergafwaarts dan kom je altijd uit bij de zee, wandel je bergopwaarts dan kom je uit bij de St. Euphemia kathedraal. ⁣ ⁣ Maak tussendoor ook zeker een stop bij de Mediterraneo cocktailbar. Om er te komen moet je de oude stadsmuur door, dit gezellige barretje ligt namelijk op de rotsen aan de buitenrand van de stad. ⁣ ⁣ #rovinj #hrvatska #kroatie #kroatië #travel #hotspots #rovinjcroatia #croatia #croatiatravel #mediterraneobarrovinj #mediterraneobar #rovinjistria #istria #istriaexperience #istriaterramagica #istriancoast #croatiatrip

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6. Ohrid, North Macedonia

The lakeside town of Ohrid is a popular spot for local Macedonian holiday-makers, so it’s especially busy during July and August. The city itself is pretty small, and is set on the edge of a beautiful freshwater lake.

By day, you can visit the picturesque waterfront monasteries along the shore and hike up the giant hills to get incredible views. Or just hang out on the sandy banks reading and swimming. The town gets pretty rowdy by night, with plenty of clubs and bars.


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Watching sunset at Church of St. John at Kaneo, Ohrid. North-Macedonia. . . Tip van de dag: bezoek deze prachtige kerk bij zonsondergang! De zon schijnt waanzinnig mooi over het meer van Ohrid en de kerk. Wij zijn verkocht! ✨ Meer tips over Ohrid lezen? Check de blog via de link in de bio! . . #ohrid #ohridlake #lakeohrid #ohridcity #ohridmacedonia #ohridlake⚓️⛵️✌️ #ohridlakemacedonia #northmacedonia #ohridoldtown #church #churchofstjohnatkaneo #stjohnkaneo #ohridtown #visitohrid #macedoniatravel #visitmacedonia #reistips #reisadvies #reisblogger #reisblog #reisfotografie #vakantiekiekje #zonsondergang #sunset_today #watchingsunset #vakantiefoto #travelholic #hoparound

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7. Batumi, Georgia

If you’re willing to head a bit further east, Georgia will definitely make it worth your time.

The smallish city of Batumi sits on the Black Sea, surrounded by mountains. It’s a sunny, welcoming place that doesn’t get too hot in summer thanks to its sub-tropical climate. The beaches are sandy and calm, and there’s plenty to do in town if you get sick of lying around.

Plus, the food and drink are seriously phenomenal. Who knew Georgia made world-class wine?


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Для любителей бархатного сезона @my_batumi © ════════☆๑♡๑☆═══════ #my_batumi #batumi #batumicity #adjara #ibatumi #georgia #батуми #грузия #ябатуми #batum #городбатуми #batumi2019 #batumisummer #my_batumi #аджария #грузия #georgia #кавказ #черноеморе #отдыхбатуми #турыбатуми #красоткибатуми # #посуточнобатуми #арендабатуми #batumimylove #adjara BATUMI | #ბათუმი | БАТУМИ ════════☆๑♡๑☆═══════ ▶️ ▶️ ▶️Facebook – my_batumi ▶️

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8. Azores, Portugal

Portugal is chock-a-block with epic summer destinations. But instead of sticking to the mainland, venture a little further out and fly to the island of Azores.

Visiting this tiny landmass in the middle of the Atlantic is like heading to another world. It’s remote and rugged and a total paradise.

The rolling hills will keep nature lovers happy with its network of hiking trails. The coastline also offers plenty of spots for diving and snorkelling.


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*Looking to the sea* • Me encantó esta zona de la isla de FLORES. Llegamos a esta playa en Alagoa y no había nadie. Estuvimos un buen rato sentados mirando el mar🌊 • 🇬🇧This magic place is in the Flores island, in Alagoa. We were in the beach looking the sea, amazing. • Maletas preparadas para descubrir la campiña inglesa. Espero que nos espere un paisaje otoñal y no como aquí que seguimos en verano. • ¿Qué tal el finde? Feliz domingo viajer@s ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #floresislandazores #azorestrip #iloveazores #discover_azores #azoresislands #azoresportugal #portugaltrip #igersportugal #super_azores_ #super_portugal #amazingnature #alwaysnature #naturelover #seaviews #lovetravels #wandergirl #seavibes #islandlife #islandvibes #portugaltime #portugaltravel

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9. Piran, Slovenia

This coastal resort town is wedged on the Slovenian coastline, right near the border with Italy. It’s known for being a bit glitzy and upscale, but there are spots to suit all budgets.

The old town is full of cute winding alleyways, and the waterside bars are the perfect place for a sunset cocktail or three.

If you want to escape the trendy surrounds of the city and explore a cute village, Izola is just up the coast and is an ideal spot for a day trip.


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(Lead Image: Zakynthos Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash) 

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