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Japan’s Latest Food Craze Is Kit Kat Sushi

Japan’s Latest Food Craze Is Kit Kat Sushi

Japan is truly a remarkable place to visit for both the wide-eyed first-timer and seasoned traveller alike.

It’s constantly evolving, pushing things to the extreme and basically proving to the world that it’s straight out of the future. This trait comes in constant waves, from Hedgehog cafes, salads dressed as cakes and an affinity for KFC at Christmas. Now, here’s something new: Kit Kat sushi.

The first Nestle Kit Kat specialty store is opening in Tokyo’s Ginza on February 2, and to celebrate, the store is serving up a few extra special rolls of Kit Kat sushi. According to Mashable, the three flavours – maguro (tuna), tamago (egg) and uni (sea urchin) – are only named for the sushi that inspires them and not for their taste, which is good, because we can’t really see a sashimi flavoured Kit Kat delighting the tastebuds.


The maguro Kit Kat sushi features a raspberry flavoured Kit Kat on top of a puffed rice bed, covered in white chocolate. (Anyone else getting LCM flashbacks?). The tamago sushi has a pumpkin pudding flavoured Kit Kat also sitting on white chocolate covered puffed rice, then wrapped in seaweed. Lastly, the pièce de résistance, the uni Kit Kat sushi, features double stacked Kit Kat bars – one a Hokkaido melon flavour, the other a mascarpone cheese flavour – wrapped in seaweed.


Like all good things, Kit Kat sushi initially started as a joke. Nestle Japan tested the waters back on Aprils Fool’s Day of 2016, but after an incredible response from their audience, they decided to create the sweet treats for real.

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These Kit Kat sushi will be available at the Ginza shop front from February 4 to February 6. Oh, and a set of them will cost you 3000 yen or $35. They’ve gotta be worth it.

(Images: Nestle Japan)

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