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Contiki Is Offering Big Savings On Your Next Bucket List Trip

Contiki Is Offering Big Savings On Your Next Bucket List Trip

You could spend Boxing Day fighting sales crowds and wanting to die at your local department store. Or maybe you should stay in bed, open your laptop and plan your next bucket list adventure. Contiki has just announced its end-of-year deals, and there’s a lot of discounted trips worth taking.

Running from Boxing Day to January 6, 2020, Contiki is offering deals of up to 25% off select trips. These deals cover nearly 200 tailored itineraries across six continents, with savings of more than $2500 on some experiences.

So, what’s here to tempt your Boxing Day coin? Well, quite a lot. Contiki is offering its biggest savings in Europe, where you could take a trip around the coastlines of Greece or cover the highlights of Portugal and Spain in a two-week whirlwind. Also included is the ‘Ultimate European’ package, which jumps around the continent with a Greek Islands stop to cap it off.

Closer to home, you could explore Australia’s reefs and rainforests or drop in to our New Zealand neighbours. (On New Zealand Off-Grid, you’ll unwind in heritage sites, retreats and surf towns like a true local.) There are also savings on trips in Asia. Japan Unrivalled covers the country’s bustling metropolises, chilled-out hot springs and mountain vistas. Then there’s the Big Indochina Adventure, which covers Bangkok to Hanoi in 27 days.

Additionally, Contiki is offering 15% off US trips (Grand Southern hits the sounds and the foodie highlights of the deep South) and 10% off trips to Africa’s safari parks. You can check out the full breakdown of Contiki’s Boxing Day Sale on its website.

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