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Mexico’s Hiding This Treehouse In The Jungle

Mexico’s Hiding This Treehouse In The Jungle

See that thing poking its head out of the tree tops there? That thing is the Papaya Playa Project. No, it’s not a boy band from the ’90s – it’s better. (Huge call, we know.)


The Papaya Playa Project’s new luxurious treehouse property is located in paradise along the Caribbean coast of Tulum, Mexico.


With a king bed, shower, air conditioning and its own terrace, this 35 square metre treehouse boasts both ocean and jungle views from its many windows. It’s because of these windows that the two-story house gets an abundance of natural light during the day, perfect for when you want to relax in one of the two swinging chairs that are at your disposal.


This cozy sleeping suite scores high on the eco-friendly scale thanks to their use of local timber and ancient Mayan building methods. Every piece of wood was locally and sustainably harvested, with the addition of locally sourced textures and macramés.

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Paradise doesn’t come cheap, however. A night at the Papaya Playa Project’s Treehouse will set you back around $1851.

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