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There’s A Secret Treehouse Hiding In The Woods Of Whistler

There’s A Secret Treehouse Hiding In The Woods Of Whistler

What began as a pipe dream of a 26-year-old software developer turned into a masterful self-funded project deep in the heart of Canada’s Whistler. If you’ve ever wanted to leave your stable desk job for a life of adventure and somewhat sketchy building permits, this will totally convince you to do just that.


Joel Allen decided to retire from his well-paying desk job at the age of 26 to become a carpenter and realise his dream of “building something cool”. With Hemloft, Allen did just that.

A longtime fan of mysterious lofts in the woods, Allen set out to create the basic framework for an egg-shaped treehouse in a particularly hidden spot of Whistler, Canada’s iconic snowy mountain near Vancouver. After years of framework, building and now living, Allen has established a remote, cosy and super cool loft for himself high in the area’s mountainous hills.



The thing is, it’s not 100 percent legal. Since the treehouse was built on state land, Allen doesn’t actually own it, leaving the fate of the treehouse a little uncertain. To deal with this, Allen hasn’t actually shared the exact whereabouts of the loft, only sharing that it’s a five minute walk from a major road below the famed Whistler holiday mansions, so he hasn’t been chased with building permits just yet.

Allen even set up a poll on his website asking the public what he should do in relation to the treehouse – options include playing it safe and taking it down, making it a public camp site (which would involve jumping through hefty legal hoops), or trying to buy the land on which Hemloft sits (which again, isn’t the easiest thing to do with land owned by the state government).


Either way, as far as DIY projects go, this is pretty damn awesome. Makes you want to go for a wander in the forest and start planning a masterpiece…

(Images: Hemloft/Facebook)

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