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Raining In London? Take Cover At The UK’s First Board Game Cafe

Raining In London? Take Cover At The UK’s First Board Game Cafe

Having to deal with miserable weather in London is what Londoners do best, so it only seems fitting they’ve come up with really cool things to do when you’re trapped inside for 80 percent of the day. Draughts in Hackney have brought awesome board games, yummy food and some alcohol together to create a unique weekday outing for you and your mates.


After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, Draughts opened their doors to the willing board game nerds of London, serving up a cool relaxed vibe and more than 500 games to choose from. They have all your favourites like Cluedo, Connect Four and The Game of Life, and really obscure ones to try out – but only if you’re game (pun very much intended).

Draughts is a hub for all things board games, including playing, teaching and designing your own. They host regular design workshops with professional board game designers, as well as regular tournaments and themed nights.


There’s heaps of food and gaming snacks on offer and a huge range of local craft beers, ales, ciders and wines for the late night sessions. Staff are experts at basically all games and are experienced and knowledgeable enough to recommend something personalised to your gaming needs.

Seriously these guys aren’t messing around – check out this section of their catalogued board game library, it’s magical. They even have a board game tube map to give you an idea on what to play.


(Images: Draughts/Facebook)

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