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The Tiny House Movement Is Getting Its Own Holiday Village

The Tiny House Movement Is Getting Its Own Holiday Village

If the food trucks, the music and the hilarious parody shows weren’t enough, this new holiday village is just about peak PortlandMt. Hood Tiny House Village features a collection of teeny tiny adorable mobile homes. It looks like what would happen if Wes Anderson were in charge of designing his version of Munchkinland.

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The tiny house movement initially started with these bad boys, a set of purchasable portable mobile homes built just outside of Portland. It seems the city couldn’t get enough of them, with another brave Portlanite deciding to open a village brimming with them to rent out for very adorable holidays.



Located among Oregon’s Mt. Hood National Forest, Mt. Hood Village is less than an hours drive from the city. Offering luxurious small getaways with the comforts of everyday home life, this new village offers five different tiny houses for your next West Coast US getaway. They’ve even got their own names too; there’s Lincoln, Atticus, Zoe, Savannah and Scarlett, with prices starting at about $129USD (that’s $175AUD) for a night’s stay.


Each of the trailers include a kitchenette, a washer/dryer, a bathroom with toilets and showers, a living rooms with a TV, plus a queen sized bed, loft space, and ample storage. There’s even a teeny tiny porch space.

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Mt. Hood Tiny House Village opens late May. You can book via their website.

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