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This ‘Mountain Coaster’ Is Probably The Most Fun You Can Have

This ‘Mountain Coaster’ Is Probably The Most Fun You Can Have

It’s probably something you’ve never even thought about – bobsledding down a picturesque mountain in the Swiss Alps. But give us a few minutes (well 2:09 minutes to be exact) and we’ll have convinced you otherwise.

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Located in the Alps near Kandersteg, Switzerland, the Mountain Coaster (or Rodelspass to the locals) is the bobsled run of your dreams. Here, adrenaline junkies strap themselves into a specialised bobsled and plummet 750 metres down a windy track down the mountain.

As you twist and turn you’ll be greeted with some of the most amazing scenery you’ll have ever laid eyes on – one thing’s for sure, it’s going to be pretty hard to focus on bobsledding when you’re treated to this kind of forested mountain view…

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Need any more convincing? Check out this ridiculous video of the slide in action. Ugh, those views!

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Insane, right? For safety reasons, the run is only open in dry conditions (from May to October), so if you’re headed to the Alps in summer, pop this on the top of your to-do list. A single ride will cost you 4 Swiss Francs ($5.44AUD) but be warned – one ride will never be enough.

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