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This Swiss Village Has Come Up With A Novel Way To Cure Your FOMO

This Swiss Village Has Come Up With A Novel Way To Cure Your FOMO

We’re all well aware of the soul-crushing desire that travel FOMO can produce. While it’s impossible to be everywhere at once and explore every inch of the world, us travellers are innately wired to try and figure out a way that we can. And with social media knocking down our door with picturesque destinations every single day, that desire becomes even stronger.

There’s a village in Switzerland that knows this better than most, and doesn’t want to be part of the problem. So, to cure your FOMO-woes, the insanely beautiful town of Bergün in Switzerland has put a ban on all photographs of their town, so as not to make you too jealous. Literally.


They’ve passed a law that prevents anyone from taking photos of their town. The Mayor of Bergün, Peter Nicolay, posted on the town’s Facebook page explaining how the decision came about. “It is scientifically proven that beautiful vacation photos shared on social media make the viewers unhappy because they themselves cannot be on vacation,” he wrote. “In Bergün, it is so beautiful that you can only take nice vacation photos. That’s why we decided on the law. We just want to make people happy.”

In fact, they’re so dedicated to this plan that if you’re caught breaking the law by taking a photograph, you’ll be fined $6AUD.

So what is it about this town that makes it so mind-blowingly beautiful that you absolutely cannot bear to look at photographs of it? Well. The only way to find out is to have a look:

swiss village 2

Wow, it really is stunning.

swiss vilage 5

Hmm, yep. Certainly very picturesque.

swiss village

Quaint, even.

swiss village 4

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It really… It really makes me wish I was there, tbh.

swiss village 6

Oh, god. Can someone remind me why on earth I’m sitting here at work like a chump?

OK. I agree with the Mayor of Bergün. We shouldn’t be subjected to these images of such a beautiful Swiss village. Not when we have life stuff to take care of and can’t jump on a plane immediately. It’s too much. Ban them all, I say! Ban them all.

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(All images: Ferienregion Bergün Filisur/Facebook)

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